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Zoe Morton Miniview

This is the first instalment of our miniview series, each week we will be chatting to a different designer, maker or brand that we are loving at the moment. Giving you an insight into different undiscovered talent, behind the scenes of the industry leaders and tips and advice.

This week we are chatting to Zoe from Z M Jewellery about her beautiful jewellery brand inspired by travel and exploration...

zoe morton handmade jewellery

Z M Jewellery has its foundations in adventure, I wondered if you could tell us a little more about this and how it inspired you to start your brand?

I love to travel and I have been inspired by the people I meet as well as the places I go.

I am lucky enough to have met some pretty inspiring people along the way, I also wanted to bring those experiences home with me. So I created my brand to allow the product to maintain those memories of adventures and travels.

Since starting what have you found to be your biggest challenge and biggest achievement to date?

I think the biggest challenge is to be confident, its not really in my nature to boast about something that I have created but you kind of have to. My biggest achievement, tricky, I guess it was pretty cool to be featured in the telegraph and another magazine the other day.

zoe morton handmade jewellery

What aspirations do you have for the future of the brand?

I really just want it to steadily grow, remain sustainable as it can. In the grand future it would be awesome to be able to give back a little and give more profits to charities.

zoe morton jewellery

Where can we find you?

I mainly sell online and do pop ups with like minded brands. However I am currently stocked in Clerkenwell London. Stockists are not really something I have pushed yet.

You can see more from Z M Jewellery here, or follow their instagram here.


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