Week 3: On-the-go

Spring cleaning isn't just for your home

We’ve spoken about how to keep your bedside tables and wardrobes organised, but what about when you’re out and about?

Since the rise in the organisation trend people, including us, have mainly focused on how to stay organised in the home. But what about once you leave your little organised haven, should your newfound way of life just stop at the doorstep?

We think not. We think it is just as important to stay on top form and super organised whilst on-the-go, after all, if you were to lose something when you’re outside your home you’re even less likely to find it.

Travel Jewellery Box, available in 3 sizes:

Scenario, you’re packing for holiday, neatly rolling your holiday clothes inside your suitcase, and then you get to your jewellery... a zip-up pouch, makeup bag, or a purse will do surely? Only to find once you’ve reached your destination everything’s tangled, you’ve lost a back to an earring and your favourite statement hoops are bent beyond repair. We have the answer:

The Stackers travel jewellery boxes ensure your essentials are beautifully organised and safe, whether you’re heading out after work, jetting off for a week’s holiday or can simply never be without spare jewellery in your handbag.

Clutch bag – ‘a place for everything and everything in its place’

Up next, the real underrated hero in a girl’s life – her handbag. Always by her side, never cleaned out and a big never-ending black hole that once somethings entered, it’s unlikely to ever be seen again, can you relate?

Apparently, we’ll spend an average of 81 days rooting around our handbags looking for lost items over our lifetime. The Stackers ladies know this all too well, that is why last year our very talented team put their heads together and came up with the ultimate women-on-the-go clutch bag. Never will you have to rummage about in your bag looking for keys only to find old chewing gum wrappers and hair bands or feel that frantic panic when you can’t find your phone in the bottomless pit.

The clutch bag has a place for all your essentials, including your phone, notebook, pen (or lippy), cards, money and the rest! It even has a little mirror so you can be ready for anything!

So, when you’re Spring cleaning your home this year don’t forget other important parts of your life too!

Have you missed any of the Stackers Spring clean series? Catch up here: Streamline your bedside, Organising your wardrobe. We'd love to hear your Spring cleaning hacks and what you all do to make it easier to maintain, let us know on Instagram or tag us in your before and afters @mystackers.