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This week our usual #StackedWith format is slightly different. We are teaming up with the lovely Two Dots jewellery whose unique, elegant, silver pieces are beautifully handcrafted in Sri Lanka.

We have fallen in love with Two Dots Jewellery so we are giving you a chance to win their beautiful pieces the normal #StackedWith way, but also via our Facebook page, head over to see how to enter here

We will be giving away these stunning pieces within 5 randomly selected ‘classic set of three’ orders over the next 5 days.

We had a chat with Lizzie from Two Dots Jewellery, asking her about how it all started to the inspiration behind the pieces and more…


When and how was Two Dots born?

Two Dots Jewellery was born in Sri Lanka. Having fallen in love with the island on a two week holiday, my boyfriend James & I - somewhat impulsively - decided we wanted to stay! During 2015, we travelled back and forth from our home in the UK to investigate our options and find a way to get ourselves over there full-time. 

During these trips I was enchanted by the beauty of the natural gemstones that lace the land in Sri Lanka and the high quality of craftsmanship from the silversmiths we met. Although the jewellery designs I saw were beautiful, they did not suit my personal style which is much more simplistic and minimalist. The raw materials speak for themselves and I wanted to emphasise that. I decided to design a few pieces myself and I was so, so happy with the end result. I felt completely inspired to take it further - some how, some way. 

Meanwhile, after much thought and careful deliberation, James & I decided to take a huge risk and quit our jobs in the UK to begin a new project together in paradise. Our dream is now becoming reality as we are in full throws of building what will be Makahiya Health & Fitness Retreat.


What inspired you to start your own jewellery making business? 

I wanted my friends and family to share in the beauty of the Sri Lankan stones and craftsmanship. When I bought home their shiny gifts they were as mesmerised as I was. It was only with their support and inspiration that I started to nurture the grass roots of what is now Two Dots Jewellery. Thank you! 


You are based in Sri Lanka, how does this inform/ influence your work or making processes? 

I love working with the local people of Sri Lanka and learning about their culture and traditions. We’ve been invited to one of our silversmith’s son’s wedding later this year which we’re so excited about! The local people were actually one of the big draws to moving Sri Lanka - everyone is so friendly, generous and caring. We couldn’t have done what we’re doing without their help. 

Sri Lanka is such a beautiful and culturally fascinating place, inspiration really is all around us. Not only do the stunning gemstones, themselves, the palm tree lined beaches, the clear turquoise sea, temples and colourful surroundings inspire my work, but I also try to give back to the community. I have created a surfboard ring or ‘The Kayit’ to support a local women’s surf charity - Watura Women’s Surf Club (WWSC) - as they face gender inequality amongst a series of other related issues.

I have also created a cat shaped ring called 'The Arrack' which was inspired by the local animal care clinic who do amazing work helping the street dogs, cats and wildlife in Sri Lanka on a very small budget.

A big part of my business is the bespoke service I offer and speaking with my customers about their needs on a personal level. Although Two Dots Jewellery is based in Sri Lanka, I can offer this service to clients anywhere in the world.



You incorporate some beautiful semi-precious stones in your jewellery, what do you love about incorporating these stones into your work?

I love learning about the different properties of the stones and what they represent - I’m learning all the time! I can then impart this knowledge on to my customers so they too can appreciate the full meaning and power of these gems. I also use these details when I’m creating bespoke jewellery items to tailor towards different personalities, birthstones, lifestyle, etc.

I take pride in offering jewellery that is locally sourced and utilises the skills of local craftsman to give back to the community in a small way.


What advice do you have for other people looking to start their own business?

Take the risk! It may seems daunting now but hard work and perseverance pays off. It’s incredible to see people actually wearing my jewellery, it still hasn’t really sunk in! But a feeling that makes it all worth while.



And what makes it even better is that you only have yourself to answer to! Having worked in the corporate world for a number of years, I now feel so flexible and free. I can trail my ideas and shape Two Dots into the brand I want it to be. If something doesn’t get done I only have myself to blame, which spurs me on even more.


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