Tricks to a stress-free Christmas!

As you know we’re all about organisation and helping you all stay in control and on top of your daily lives. I’m sure you’ll agree being prepared is more important than ever this time of year!

We’re all busy and December can certainly run away with us. Before we know it, the turkey needs cooking, the kids are ripping open their presents and the sock drawer is overflowing with this year’s new additions!

So, how can you prepare for such a hectic time of year? The Stackers teams have come up with their top tips for a seamless festive period!

Plan your social calendar

December is bound to be full of fun events, family functions and festive outings! It’s a good idea to work out your diary at the beginning of December so you don’t run out of time! Often there are lots of extended family to be seen, gifts to be dropped off and friends to get together with! A little preparation will ensure you don’t miss out!

You can even get these cute Christmas dividers to go into a planner you already have!

Lists, lists and more lists

If you haven’t already, invest in a good planner. It’s easy to get carried away and forget what you’ve already bought for loved ones. Start with a list of gift ideas for each person and then satisfyingly tick them off as you go. Lists are also a great way to ensure you are sticking to a budget for each person and not overspending.

Now for the fun bit!

Some of you may not agree, but here at Stackers HQ we love a good wrapping session. It’s a time to get creative. Often finding the perfect wrapping paper, or even making your own, is as much fun as buying the gift! Start wrapping gifts, labelling presents and writing your cards in advance. Our advice? Little and often, so you’re not overwhelmed the week before the big day! It’s also a great way to find out if you’ve got everything on your list, and who doesn’t love a hot chocolate whilst wrapping presents and watching a Christmas film?

Maybe the best bit about Christmas, the food!

It may be an idea to start your food preparations early, especially if you’re booking an online food order, as these spaces notoriously get booked up early! An excuse for another list too, write down everything you’ll need for your Christmas breakfast, lunch and the evening! Don’t forget the drinks too and any other festive foods for the holiday period! It’s the perfect time to sort through your freezer too and make sure you’ve got room for all the Christmas treats!


December is the ideal time for a huge household declutter! Not only is it great for sorting through old toys and taking them to a charity shop for someone else to enjoy, but it’ll also make vital room for the new gifts that’ll be coming your way!

So, if you’re organised and plan well the Christmas holidays don’t have to be stressful. Prepare in advance, make lists, keep on top of your social calendar and most importantly enjoy everything the festive season has to offer!

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