Keep your house organised with pets

How to keep your house organised with pets

In light of National Love Your Pet Day, and being the animal lovers that we are, we started thinking about how we keep our homes organised when we share them with our four-legged best friends.

Owning a beloved pet doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the state of your home. Believe it or not you can have the best of both worlds! It's just as important to keep your pet organised as is it with the rest of the family!

The Stackers team have a pack between us so we want to share our tips for keeping our homes in order whilst living with our furry friends;

Decluttering your pet’s belongings

Just as you would your own possessions, you’ll also need to organise your pets’ toys too. Although many animals are highly intelligent, unfortunately they haven’t quite got the hang of tidying up after themselves. Just like any other member of the household pet’s come with toys, supplies, beds and food.

Just as you would with your own belongings or your kids, every few months you should be decluttering your pets’ things too. It’s very easy to get carried away when it comes to our pets. Pets are an extension of the family so buying them treats and toys becomes part of our normal life. Try to keep this under control by regularly decluttering and getting rid of any unsalvageable toys. Another key point to ensure this exercise isn’t a waste of time is to curb your spending when it comes to your pet. That doesn’t mean stop altogether, but just be aware of what they already have and whether another squeaky ball is really necessary.

Designated ‘pet corners’

We know this may sound totally unrealistic but hear us out. Create an area for your pet’s belonging in a room that your pet spends most of its time. Use storage baskets and ensure you are tidying their toys or blankets up at the end of each day. It will only take a couple minutes and it’ll be less overwhelming than leaving to the end of the week. The same rule can be applied to outdoor pet’s toys too.

Organising your pet’s essentials

Necessities such as brushes, leads and shampoo should be kept off the floor and out of reach of your treasured pets’ jaws. This could be in storage boxes on shelves or a hanging door organiser. Organise their food and treats into storage containers that are easily accessible but not an eyesore or ones that be hidden in a cupboard or larder.

Ensure your pet/s have a designated file for paperwork also. A simple document folder could save a lot of time when you need to view their insurance details or vaccination records.

House Cleaning Tips

Keeping your home clean when you have pets can sometimes feel like an impossible task. Top tip is don’t leave it too long in between cleans. Little and often. By keeping on top of the cleaning and doing a small amount each day you’ll be avoiding the overwhelming cleaning marathon on a weekend.

Door mats are a good way to get rid of the worst of the muddy paws. Ensure you have one at every entrance the pet’s use. Also, you could try keeping your pet’s food and water bowls on a tray, so any spillages are contained.

We’d love to hear your tips on how you keep your house organised with pet/s. Check out the Stackers pets and share your ideas or photos with us on our Insta!

Here's our Head of Graphics Steph with her 7 month old Fox Red Labrador Bunsen;

The lovely Fizzy and Squeaky belong to Head of Design Shelly;

And of course National Love Your Pet Day wouldn't be complete without a shout out to the Stackers dog Bonza...