S/S 17 Launch


The wait is over!

Today marks the day that we release THREE BRAND NEW STACKERS COLOURS!

These are the first new trio of colours to be released since the dove grey range in November 2015, so it is a very exciting occasion indeed.

And the consensus here at Stackers is that they are our favourite colours yet! Each new Stacker has something a little different to offer;

The blush pink is a warm, muted, feminine tone with a beautiful rose gold fitting…

The dusky blue is a cooler toned box with a sleek, contemporary chrome-finish fitting …

And the taupe is a mid-tone, neutral box that would suit any room, featuring a contrasting brass finish fitting...


The new colours come in the mini and classic sizes, they are available to purchase NOW on Stackers.com here!

We hope you love them as much as we do!

Happy shopping!