Q & A with Professional Organiser

Q & A with Professional Organiser Rivka Davidowitz

There’s certainly no denying that the organisation trend is on the rise. We recently worked with Professional Organiser, Rivka Davidowitz, on a joint giveaway on Instagram and were lucky enough to pick her brains and gain some industry insight into the world of organisation.

Rivka has her own business, Organize.It, and has worked for many years as a Professional Organiser. She has helped hundreds of people regain some order into their homes and lives so is just the person to get some organisational tips from in time for Spring.

1. What is your background and how did you become a professional organiser?

I grew up in San Diego CA. Went to college in NY and pursued my degree in Psychology. While studying in college, I met my husband through my best friend. We got married in NY and lived there for 5 years. My daughter was born in NY and having a kid on the East Coast was not ideal for me, especially since I grew up in sunny San Diego, CA. Deep down I always knew I would end up back on the West Coast. My husband and I both brought our businesses to Los Angeles and we couldn’t be happier!

As a kid, I found it fun to clean my backpack daily and reorganize my folder/binders. Every couple of weeks I would fold my clothing in my drawers and get rid of clothing items I would no longer wear. I think some people are born with an organized manner. I couldn’t focus on schoolwork unless I knew everything was in order. I thrive on being organized and I am super passionate about organizing my daily life because as life can get chaotic, I have a calm energy inside me knowing the things I can control are controlled. I got into professional organizing by helping my friends and family get organized in their homes on my free time. They told me I should look into becoming a professional organizer, and that is when I decided to pursue my career as a professional organizer. It was the best decision I ever made. It makes me so happy to know that I can do what I love every day and at the same time I am changing people’s lives for the better.

2. What does a typical day look like for you?

A typical day for me is dropping my daughter off at school in the morning and picking up Starbucks right after that. After getting my cup of coffee, I either go to work or I am shopping at the Container Store for my clients.

3. We’d love to know if you have a hack for organising your drawers?

My hack for organizing drawers would be drawer dividers! They are an easy fix for any drawer and make all the difference!

4. What benefits does being organised have on your day to day life?

The benefits of being organized on your day to day life are endless. One of the most important benefits of being organized is reduced stress. When you have clutter under control and systems in place, it gives you time and energy to focus on other things. You don’t spend time looking for things you can’t find or spending money on items you already owned because you don’t know where you placed them. In my opinion, there is no greater gift than being organized!

5. Are there any daily or weekly habits that people wanting a more organised life could introduce into their routine?

To make sure you don’t get to an overwhelming place, I would say maintenance is key. Go through expired dates of food items in your pantry, medication in your medicine cabinet, clothing items you no longer wear etc.

6. Lastly if you had to pick one, what is your number one top tip for living an organised life?

My number one tip for living an organized life would be to make sure everything has a home. My favorite mantra is “A place for everything, and everything in its place”. Once you implement a system, you need to keep up with it and put things away before it starts to pile up. Control the chaos before it controls you.

We couldn't agree more! Thanks so much to Rivka for sharing her inside tips! April is the ideal time to Spring clean and get your household more organised! If you're planning on a big Spring clean this month, we'd love to hear your tips, tag @mystackers in your posts on Instagram. The Stackers team are going hard this Spring so also be sure to follow our before and afters on Instagram!