Holiday Jewellery Packing Tips

Packing jewellery for a week away

If you’re heading off for a long weekend somewhere this summer you may have thought about what outfits you’re going be exploring, partying and chilling in but jewellery always seems to be a thrown in last minute with out much thought, or perhaps forgotten all together. But why should your accessorising go out the window when on holiday? When packing to go away we focus on 5 fail safe key pieces which can be versatile and take your outfits in any direction:

1. Firstly we are talking rings; take a selection of thing rings that can be stacked or spread out plus one statement ring. If heading to a warmer climate you won’t want to be wearing lots of rings during the day as your fingers can swell and become slippery with sun cream. But of an evening you have options to lightly accessories, if you’re just heading out for some dinner and exploring, or to make a statement if heading out for dinner and drinks.

2. Earrings; we recommend two pairs, one set of studs for during the day, making you look effortlessly chic around the pool and avoiding them getting caught in your hair. A statement pair for an evening, combined with an up do to keep you cool and add something extra.

3. Take some warmer tone necklaces such as rose gold, so when you near the end of your holiday and you whip out that little white dress to show off your tan the rose gold jewellery tones add a touch of Grecian or a splash of colour for that summery look.

4. Bracelets; again go for stackable and colourful, it is the one time of the year to fully embrace colour, we recommend taking three pieces then you can treat your self to a holiday souvenir when you’re there.

5. Your watch; even though holidays are about relaxing and not worrying we do of course occasionally have time to keep, weather its catching your sunset cruise on time or your dreaded flight home. We would recommend taking a watch with a silicone of fabric strap, that’s is water resistant. Metal straps can get too warm in the sun and burn you.

So that’s our 5 key recommendations, and ideally you can fit them all in our stackers travel box, which you can shop on the right hand side.

We hope you have an amazing holiday, enjoy.
Stackers HQ x