3 Realistic New Year's Resolutions

A New Year can bring excitement, hope and anticipation, but it can also bring pressure and unwanted expectations. It’s so tempting to get carried away with the New Year’s resolutions and far-fetched promises to yourselves. Where there is nothing wrong with that, we’re here to say it’s ok to take your time. Don’t put so much pressure on yourselves to have everything together straight away. There’s plenty of time. Set yourselves small goals that are realistic and achievable. There’s no point setting unattainable targets that will simply make you feel guilty for not accomplishing them. We can all feel stressed, tired and overwhelmed at the beginning of a New Year. Christmas is finished, we’ve seen out the old year and although we can’t complain, with that also came chaos, countless family functions, a lot less tidying than usual, and us typically wondering around in a daze unaware of what day it was.

So, it’s no surprise the New Year is used as a fresh start for some. I’m sure you’ve noticed the surge in cleaning and organising trends in 2018, and if you haven’t, how? Social media is flooded with accounts solely based on this trend and it seems to be getting us off our sofas and feeling inspired. But don’t stress if your home doesn’t automatically look like those show homes out of a magazine. We’ve come up with a few small steps to help you in the right direction, to ease those January blues and to ultimately feel more relaxed and in control.

Declutter your home

Post-Christmas is the ideal time for a home declutter. Don’t try and tackle the whole house in one go however, because it will no doubt be too overwhelming, and you’ll end up wondering why you ever started. Confront one room at a time, starting with your bedroom, mainly your wardrobe, then the living room, kitchen and play area. And take any unwanted items to your local charity shop or sell them if you have the patience. When you’re decluttering, try and be strict with yourself, ask yourself; do I need it? When was the last time I used it? It’s as much about adapting your mindset as it is about changing the physical environment around you. You’ll be surprised how clear a decluttered home can make you feel.

Clear your mind

In this modern world it is all too easy to be on the go 24/7. Even when we’re relaxing in the evening, we’re not really switched off, we’re scrolling through Instagram or checking our work emails, or logging on to Facebook. Try and limit your screen time, it can be exhausting to be connected all the time. Try and make a real effort to put your phone down and fully relax your mind. A technology detox if you like. If you really cannot bare the thought of going an evening without checking your favourite Insta accounts, then set a daily limit.

Start a new diary

Is it really a New Year if you haven’t got a new diary? Getting a new diary can be so satisfying, a clean slate, a whole year of blank pages to fill. Keeping a diary can be a great way to help you stay organised. Your home is looking less cluttered, your mind is clearer, now your daily lives can be kept in order. There are some beautiful diary’s out there, our faves would have to be the diary’s with motivational quotes on each page, a little daily reminder to be positive or do something that makes your happy that day. You could go one step further and get an organiser that keeps track of your budgets, chores and events!

So, to summarise, small steps can be very effective, make time for yourself and do not put pressure on yourselves to live up to the impossible.

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