London Fashion Week


Over the last 4 days it has been London’s turn to play host to a some of the most talented designers in the world. Funnily enough, our Instagram feeds have been filled to the brim with street-style snaps, behind the scene pictures, and photos of models strutting down the runway. The one thing we couldn’t keep our eyes off, though, was the jewellery.

We have seen lots of amazing jewellery over fashion week. Some has been simple and elegant, and some has been very fun and unconventional, but all of it has one thing in common…It would all fit perfectly in our Stackers!

Some of my favourite pieces at LFW came from Ejing Zhang, a London based designer who was raised in China. Her creations draw inspiration from the natural landscapes, and are executed using a unique combination of materials, including thread, wood and resin. As you can see this produces a stunning result!

For those with a love of everything minimal, neutral and natural, the white and stone Stacker would be a great match for your jewellery collection.

On the other end of the LFW spectrum, one of the most bold and daring collection of jewellery was by British/American designer Mimi Wade. It spoke, nay screamed, to our inner child. It was bright, sparkly, the whole spectrum of colourful, AND some of it even featured photos of dogs! What more could you want?

For those who love to inject a bit of colour and fun to their accessories, our brown and colour pop Stackers would be your best friend!

Aside for the jewellery that was on display at the Fashion Week shows, we also saw lots more wearable jewellery on the instagrams of our favourite bloggers. We loved the pretty gold and neutral pallet that Josie of Fashion Mumblr picked.

This kind of jewellery collection would look at home in our beautiful limited edition white with rose gold Stackers.

Finally, we adored the geometric edgier rings showcased by Lindsey Holland from Magpie on the Run.

We think our darker-coloured mink Stacker would be the perfect companion to her jewellery!

All in all, its been a great LFW and we are sad to see it come to a close!

We hope we gave you some jewellery inspo, LFW showcased so many different types of jewellery, and we can provide a Stacker to suit each one, go to our website and find your perfect match now!