How to Create the Perfect Scandi Bedroom

How to Create the Perfect Scandi Bedroom

Renowned for its simplicity, beauty and minimalism, Scandinavian style has seen a huge spike in home décor in recent years and the trend shows no sign of slowing down.

By adding/changing just a few elements in your bedroom you can easily create the illusion of a bigger, brighter room. Find out how to create a beautifully organised minimalistic Scandi bedroom with help from the lovely Sharka, @thechicvibe.

Guest blog by Sharka Guiomar: Minimalist Scandi Bedroom Tour

Long-time no see! I am so excited to FINALLY share our new Scandi bedroom with minimalistic touch!

Gobi Shaggy Rug by Benuta| Layered Graphic Cushions by Tonic Living |Modern Chandelier by West Elm | Number Vase by Design Letters

I’ve dreamed how I will decorate our bedroom when it is ready to move in and I always knew I wanted a modern Scandi style. White is my DNA and I love how airy and light the decor feels.

It might not seem our bedroom is smaller but that is why I decided to give an illusion of more space by using crisp white on the walls and white furniture while adding texture with bedding, carpet and accessories.

I love playing around with bedding because it makes the space so cozy and inviting. Adding touches with throw pillows was my favourite part! I layered few Bedouin pillows with block print and one long extra-long Toulouse pillow to create the nice stacking effect. My girls love to jump in and play around:)

Miliboo Bent Chair |Miliboo Scandi Totem Table

This is my favourite hide away in the house:) Mom Boss corner. My peace and quiet until they find me:) This comfy Miliboo Bent chair and Scandi totem table are the perfect addition to the space. I always wanted to create jewelry display and this large drawer is perfect for it!

My Stackers jewelry organizers keep my gems nicely tucked in and hidden from the girls:)

Stackers White Medium Jewelry Slider | Stackers Stone Watch Pad | Stackers White spacer

Et voilà this is the end of our Scandi bedroom tour! Let me know if you have any questions in comments below! I always love to hear what you think!



Thank you to Sharka for the beautiful insight into your new bedroom design. Make sure you check out her beautiful pictures for more inspiration on Instagram.