Holiday Jewellery: Do’s and Don’ts

Holiday Jewellery: Do’s and Don’ts

It may be nearing the end of August; however, holiday season is still in full swing! The annual summer holiday can mean different things to everyone, whether it’s a weekend city break, a two-week all-inclusive or an adrenaline fun-filled week, holidays are a time for enjoying yourselves, not worrying about wedding rings getting damaged or your favourite everyday necklace getting lost. Here at Stackers, we understand that things can become misplaced, lost or even stolen whilst away so we want to share our tips that have helped us out during our past vacations.

Tip 1: DO cover jewellery on your insurance

First off, before you’ve even left for holiday you need to make sure your precious jewellery is covered by your holiday insurance! This is something we’ve all been guilty of not doing I’m sure, to save a few pennies. But is it really worth the stress and anxiety? We’d much prefer to be sipping a cocktail in the knowledge that our jewels are safe and covered for any eventuality.

Tip 2: DO keep it in hand luggage

Secondly, one of the most dreaded aspects of holidaying is; is my case going to make it to the other side? Avoid, at least, some of the strain by keeping your jewellery on you! Pop it in your hand luggage and then that’s one less thing you need to worry about!

Tip 3: DO be careful when applying sun cream

Don’t lose your sparkle! Did you know the all-important sun cream can dull your favourite gems? The lotion leaves a coating over stones resulting in less light reflection. Keep your bling bright by cleaning them regularly, especially after a day in the sun, or if you can, take them off altogether.

Tip 4: DO store it properly

When stored without thought, jewellery can become damaged or damage other items. Ensure your jewellery stays tangle-free and unscathed with a travel jewellery roll or travel jewellery box. Keeping everything in its place could reduce the likelihood of a scratched pendant or broken bangle.

Tip 5: DON’T wear certain jewellery in water

We’ve all been there! Bikini on, book in hand, and then we get a sudden urge to jump in the pool – but stop! You’ve got your favourite jewellery on! Over time chlorine can tarnish and discolour jewellery and even weaken some metals!

Tip 6: DON’T wear certain jewellery at the beach

Firstly, you drop an earring in the sand, you can most likely wave goodbye to that pair. Secondly, sand can scratch certain metals or stones and result in unwanted damage.

Holidays should be a time for relaxing, we want to help you stay stress-free and make sure your mind is on the important holiday-essentials such as, when is happy hour, am I going to get my usual spot on the sunbed and which bikini is going to give me the least awkward tan lines, not is my jewellery going to travel well!

Whether they hold sentimental value or you had to take out a small mortgage to buy them, the last thing you want from a holiday is to return home a little lighter in the luggage department.