Get Organised

Organisation Week

This week we have been focusing on organisation, the Christmas buzz if officially over and now you need to find a new home for you gifts and sale shopping. We recently read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo to get us motivated and inspired to organise ourselves, but also to create new products that can assist and not hinder you on your organisation journey.

Below is a collection of products and how they can get you more organised this year, sprinkled with some of our favourite quotes from the book and more.

New Layer

Firstly we want to introduce the new place to store your bracelets/ necklaces, we have been listening to your feedback and this has been asked for time and time again so we are so excited to be able to finally tell you about it.

Divided in to 5 sections it’s a great place to lay out flat your jewellery, think fine chains, dangle earrings, or bracelets. It is a good width meaning you can double up or it could be the perfect stop for those charm collectors who have a number of different bracelets full up.

Moreover if you were an avid charm collector you can even fit two mini charm bars per row, meaning you can create a whole layer just for your charms… DREAMY!


Moving on to your bedroom, with drawers filling up with vouchers and other general ‘stuff’ it is important to focus on your essentials when you’re in your bed, we have found most people have some kind of tablet or phone, glasses, magazines or maybe a notebook for those 3am thoughts.

stackers pocket

Our Stackers Bed Pocket is the perfect home for all of these things, keeping your bedside table free of clutter and potential accidents, knocking over water in the night on to your phone for example.


'Clutter is caused by a failure to return things to where they belong. Therefore, storage should reduce the effort needed to put things away, not the effort needed to get them out.'

stackers drawer organiser

Stuffing everything in a drawer doesn’t mean its now tidy, organisation with in these spaces are key, time saving and reduces stress. Our sliders were designed originally with jewellery in mind, but we have seen them be used for other things too such as crafting. Giving everything a spot so when you pull out the drawer you can see everything at once in its place can only be a positive in our view.


‘The essence of effective storage is this: designate a spot for every last thing you own’

jewellery box

We have heard countless times how giving each piece of jewellery is place means you ultimately wear it more, not having to rummage and find a matching earring or sit and untangle a clump mess of chains. It gives you more options and makes it enjoyable choosing how to accessorise your outfit.

Bits & Bobs

Always loosing your keys?

trinket box

Our trinket boxes are great for getting you organised and keeping every day pieces together while still looking super cute. We have seen you use them for almost everything, keys, jewellery, sunglasses, makeup and more.


Our Charging valets are great bedside but also at a desk space or in the kitchen propping up recipes on the ipad while housing your rings so they don’t get messy.

bedside caddy

'I love this product. It is such a good idea and it matches my Stackers jewellery boxes. A neat way of charging my phone with no leads on show and handy for putting away the jewellery that I tend to wear most days so that it is handy for the next day and protects my bedside unit from accidental scratches. I will be buying one for my daughter.' - A review from Glca64, Norfork

Make Up

Storing cosmetics and make up can turn in to one big old mess of exploded moisturisers or leaking foundations. Generally this is because they aren’t being kept in the upright position and everything just ends up chucked together in one makeup bag. How many times have you opened your favourite blusher to find it had disintegrated in to a million pieces?

Our cosmetic storage aims to stop this happening, giving your make up places to stand up right, neatly and in a wipe clean surface so any minor accidents can we quickly cleaned up.

So there are a few of our tips for getting organised this new year, we would love to hear yours in the comments below!