Draw Your Way to a More Calm & Organised Life

Draw your way to a more calm and organised life

With the Chelsea Flower Show on the horizon (21-25 May 2019) all this floral chat got us thinking about the collaboration we did last year with artist Alli Koch and what a great time it was to talk about the benefits drawing can have on your mindset. We’re all about living a more orderly life, as you may know, and ‘art therapy’ is on the up.

Declutter your mind

As part of the collaboration we also offered customers the chance to buy copies of Alli’s ‘How To Draw Modern Florals’ book. Some of the Stackers staff found it so therapeutic when trialling the step by step drawings at home that we thought now would be a great time to remind our lovely followers the importance of finding time to relax and to take time out of our busy schedules.

If you’re a total drawing novice, like we were, then this step-by-step guide can teach you everything you need to know about modern florals from tools of the trade, where to find inspiration and the basic shapes for drawing a flower. So, don’t be scared, there’s certainly no experience necessary!

With us all juggling busy lives it’s more important than ever to find something that can help us relax and clear our mind. Believe it or not, ‘mind clutter’ is a thing, and just like how decluttering your house is important to your well-being, decluttering your mind can have huge positive impacts on your overall mood. So, as well as ensuring your home and life stays as organised and orderly as possible, it’s also just as important to ensure you find something to help you free your mind of the days clutter.

How is mindfulness used in drawing?

We found drawing a great way to practice mindfulness because we were forced to just focus on what we were doing in that present time. Mindfulness, like drawing, is all about reflexion and paying attention to the ‘now’. Once you've mastered the art of mindfulness, you can begin to use it in other aspects of your life, like home organisation.

Flowers and relaxation have always gone hand and hand and there was even a garden that was inspired by mindfulness at the Chelsea Flower Show in 2016, called ‘Vestra Wealth’s Garden of Mindful Living’, designed by Paul Martin.

If you're new to the concept of mindfulness and have absolutely no idea what we're talking, I came across this little quote that I felt summed things up nicely.

“Mindfulness is awareness that arises through paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgmentally.” John Kabat-Zinn

So who's feeling inspired to dust off the old sketch book and pencils?