Charlotte Baker X Stackers


If you need catching up, #StackedWith is a collaboration that is happening right now between Stackers and several independent jewellery designers. (We took a break over Christmas but now we are back!) Over the next few weeks, we are pairing with a different independent jewellery creator, and giving our lovely Stackers customers the chance to win one of their pieces! Every day one piece of jewellery will be added into a order at random, giving one of our lucky customers a very nice surprise.

This week we have teamed up with Charlotte Baker; After graduation in 2013, Charlotte created her business and set up a workshop at Creek Creative Studios in Faversham, Kent. She specialises in using a traditional jewellers' saw to pierce intricate pattern and detail. Recently Charlotte has been working on personalised pieces that involve applying typographic and nature inspired punches. We caught up with her to ask her some questions about her lovely jewellery...

When and how was Charlotte Baker Handmade Jewellery born?
During the second year of my degree I began working very independently and developed the confidence to start a business. After I finished university in 2013 I moved into my studio at Creek Creative Studios in Faversham. Although it has been very challenging at times, I am very proud of what I've achieved so far.

What is the main inspiration behind your style of jewellery?
When making commissions, the customer has a theme in mind and I'll begin to research, start sketching and create their bespoke designs. It's great as I get to make such a range of items in different styles. When I experiment and make readymade pieces I like to find inspiration from nature, symmetrical objects and items with pattern.

What particularly do you love about doing custom orders?
Definitely the meanings behind them - they can be romantic, happy memories or sentimental designs. I also love making wedding orders, knowing my jewellery and accessories are worn on such a special day and treasured after wards.

We see that you love to hand pierce your jewellery, what is it about this process that you love and where did you learn this?
During the first week of my degree we were given different projects to complete. When I picked up the jewellers saw and made a bangle made up of many cut out shapes I instantly fell in love with the process. I made sure I used piercing in every project after that to practice and it's going to be a process I'll use in my work for as long as I possibly can. I like pattern and repetition so when you cut out fifty shapes to make a pendant it feels so rewarding at the end of it and I think it makes visually effective jewellery.

What are your plans for Charlotte Baker Handmade Jewellery in the future?
This year I will be marketing and advertising more and have already contacted an artist to collaborate with. My big goal is to work towards an exhibition when I'll aim to complete a project and a new collection of work.

Do you have any advice for someone wanting to start their own business?
Yes, you must plan before going straight into it. It's not easy. You need to do your research, work out realistically what you will make and sell. Most importantly you need to have the passion and motivation to make your business work. If you have that you will do well. Good luck. x

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