Being Organised Can Make You Happier

Now I know what you’re thinking, that’s a bold statement. But hear us out!

With Mental Health Awareness Week starting 13th May we thought there’s no better time to get people talking about the subject. Everyone has some kind of clutter in their lives, but when clutter becomes unmanageable, it can start to affect our health, both physically and mentally. Decluttering isn’t just a way to overhaul your surroundings, it can also lead to a happier lifestyle, and here’s why…

Cleaning is good for your stress levels

Cleaning may not be something you’ve associated with happiness before, but studies actually show cleaning can have huge positive benefits to your mood. We understand not everyone has the time to spend hours cleaning their homes, but it’s suggested that just a small amount each day can lead to lower stress levels. Avoid the 2-hour mammoth task on a Saturday morning and opt for just 30-minutes a day. This way you are not allowing things to build up, you’re not wasting valuable time tidying and your surroundings will be in order all week. It’s a win win!

An advocate for this is Gem Bray who started 'The Organised Mum Method' 12 years ago when she had her first child and didn't have time to spend hours cleaning. She now has a large following on Instagram that all follow 'TOMM'. The major benefit of this way of life is having weekends to spend with family instead of cleaning.

The act of cleaning has been proven to reduce stress-levels and it’s a known fact that being surrounded by mess can cause stress and anxiety levels to rise! Being in a cluttered environment can make it difficult to concentrate on things and think clearly. It can be overwhelming, and it also be a constant negative reminder of unfinished chores and tasks.

Having a routine and being in an orderly environment can also have a positive impact on your eating and exercise habits, leading to a happier you!

There’s even been links between an organised lifestyle and better sleeping habits. It is believed that those who make their bed every morning are more likely to get a better night’s sleep! So, all things seem to point to organising being good for you!

The scenario, your home is tidy, your stress levels are lower, and you have a spare 2 hours to enjoy at the weekend. What’s not to like?

Getting organised can improve your health

All joking aside, living with serious clutter can be bad for your physical health too. Clutter can hide dirt, dust and mould and lead to you living in an unhealthy environment without being aware. Too much clutter can also impact the air quality in your home. Keeping a decluttered home can make your room feel brighter with better air flow, which will have a positive impact on your mood.

We cannot get away from the huge surge in cleaning trends that 2018 saw and it seems set to stay around throughout 2019 too! Cleaning is no longer looked upon as a chore. Who would have thought mopping the floor or cleaning your toilet could be so glamorous, and addictive to watch! Whether you admit it or not we cannot not get enough. You only have to look at Mrs Hinch and how fast she can sell out a cleaning cloth to see!

It appears the more organised you are - the cleaner your house is - which means the less stressed you are - and could in turn make you happier and result in you staying motivated to organise! We think that’s the gist of it! You just need to make that first step and the rest will follow.

By taking control of your clutter, you also take control of your own emotions and well-being. Here’s to a happy, healthy, decluttered May.