6 Trends to Update your Summer Jewellery

6 Trends to Update your Summer Jewellery

As we swap our knitwear for summer dresses, accessories allow us to add different dimensions to outfits without adding layers and becoming overheated! There are so many jewellery trends to get behind this summer, we’ve collated a few of our favourites to watch out for:

Under the sea

This is one of the trends we’re most excited for this summer. We’ve all done it, we’re on holiday, the suns shining, and we get a little carried away and suddenly shell bracelets seem like a good idea. Well you’ll be glad to hear shell jewellery is no longer limited to ‘that holiday wardrobe’ that you can only get away with where no one knows you. Get ready to see a lot more shell inspired jewellery this summer as it’s making its big comeback! Pearls are also no longer restricted to your Grandmother’s jewellery box; the re-imagined pearl looks nothing like you’re used to. From pearl ear cuffs, to structured bangles and hoops, pearls are definitely a trend we welcome back with open arms, and purses!

H&M Shell Earrings £5.99

Astrid & Miyu Pearl Earring Cuff £24.00

Return of the hairclip

Thanks to the high-end designers, hair clips are not simply necessities that we try and camouflage under our manes each day taming our flyaways, but instead beautiful fashion pieces in their own right. First the scrunchie and now the hairclip, what other wonders will we see making a reappearance from our teenage days? These hairclips are not the hairclips you’re used to though, how often does the fashion industry give us practical AND beautiful? Here’s a few of the team’s favourites:

Urban Outfitters Pearl Hairclip £10.00

Mermaid Hair Slides £20.00

Link love

You may associate gold chains with bad fashion choices or your ex-boyfriend from 15 years ago but get ready to see them in a whole new light. This summer the chain has been re-imagined and will be filling our Insta feed for a good few months yet. Available in delicate designs, chunky chokers or even velvet takes on the classic design. So, it appears it’s time to cast aside your preconceptions and fall back in love with chained jewellery!

ASOS Velvet Flocked Chain £12.00

Urban Outfitters Chain Earrings £14.00

Coin medallions

Once used to bring good luck to the recipient, the historic sentimental gifts are having a big moment in the jewellery world. This style has been creeping into high street stores for a while now, however the trend looks to only be getting bigger for summer. Whether you’re wearing your money around your neck, wrist or finger, coin medallions are a sure-fire way to bring your jewellery box up to date.

Lucy Williams x Missoma Coin Necklace £79.00

Shashi Coin Earrings £38.00

Get your feet summer ready

Ok we may have lied; this has got to be our favourite jewellery trend this summer, filling us with a certain teenage nostalgia! Remember when you were 13 and anklets were ‘cool’ or when it was a rite of passage on every holiday to buy a beaded anklet? Well you’ll be pleased to hear anklets are back! Looking a little different to it’s heyday in the 90’s, the anklet has most definitely grown up and is back with a new ‘mature’ look.

Pretty Little Thing Anklet £6.00

Urban Outfitters Anklet £12.00

Statement jewellery

A trend that seems to keep on going (but that’s fine with us). Just when you think statement earrings may have had their day designers and high street stores alike hit us with their new styles. This season sees a real mix from modern takes on hoops to exotic leaf inspired shapes. Statement earrings are certainly a great way to update your jewellery collection and take your summer outfit to the next level.

Zara Leaf Earrings £12.99

Mango Hoop Earrings £9.99

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