6 Back To Uni Must-Haves

Excitement, worries, anticipation… a mountain of different feelings pop up when going to university. There’s so much to think about and the need to be organised is high priority.

Whether you're a fresher flying the nest for the first time or a final year student returning to your shared house, space is likely to be limited in your uni home. You have so many plans for your new bedroom, a cute ‘study’ area, an Instagramable living space… when in reality you’ll most likely be lumbered with the box room at the back! The space constraints can lead to cluttered rooms, which in turn often lead to cluttered minds… This means you need to get a little more creative in keeping your small room clutter-free. It’s all about being organised and smart with the space you have.

Here’s our list of favourite products to help you make the best out of any space, plus you can enjoy 10% off with our student discount.

Hanging Wash Bag:

University has many perks, the dreaded shared bathroom not being one of them! There’s the initial issue of having to share with 7 other people and then the drama of people using your shampoo! How dare they! Avoid having to juggle all your toiletries back and forth with the Stackers Hanging Wash Bag. Large enough to hold full size shampoos and conditioners and finished with a hanging hook for easy use. It’s also super easy to transport when needed with the carry handle!

Bed Pocket:

No space for a bedside table? The Bed Pocket is ideal for storing your books/magazines and charging your tablets and phones. The Bed Pocket slides perfectly under your mattress and has room for all your living essentials.

Cable Tidy:

Whether you’re studying marketing, sports or geography, you’ll all have laptop chargers, memory cards, headphones and countless phone chargers to store. The new Stackers Cable Tidy keeps all the electronic accessories safe and in one place!

Jewellery Box Layers:

We get surface area is near non-existent in your uni bedroom so being organised is a must, how about using our jewellery box layers as drawer inserts to keep all our jewellery and hair accessories organised and out of the way!

Wrap Around Makeup Bag:

Avoid losing your favourite brow pencil with the Stackers Wrap Around Makeup Bag. Students are often on the move, back and forth to home or friends’ houses, so make traveling that bit easier with this organisational must-have. There’s a place for everything, plus we tested it and it fits even our largest of palettes!

Tech Stand:

Compact and pretty! The Phone/Accessory Stand is the perfect dumping ground after a long day shopping, I mean studying! With space for your day’s jewellery plus somewhere to keep your phone safe it is ideal for rooms with little or no space… There’s also a space in the back for your charging cable!

We also came across this super useful back to uni checklist to help with the packing. Best of luck to you all the students for this semester!