5 Space Savers for an Organised Home

5 Space Saving Must-Haves for an Organised Home

This year we’re taking our organisation to the next level. Who’s with us? Once we’re done our homes are going to be a clutter-free, sparkling, organised haven where everything has a designated place!

All this sounds wonderful, but if you’re limited with space then it can be a struggle to keep your home in order. It’s all about making use of the space you have and there are so many clever space-saving hacks available for those wanting a simpler, less cluttered life! Here are a few of our favourite ideas to help you stay beautifully organised at home;

1. Hidden Storage

First on our list, ottomans! We love them, whether it’s an Ottoman bed with handy storage underneath, a bench or a footstool. Any type will do! Our homes can look overcrowded purely with the essentials out. Ottomans are a stylish way to keep everything neatly out of sight but within easy reach.

2. Storage Boxes

Perhaps the most versatile product on our list today. Storage boxes can be used for just about anything; under the sink cleaning products, dry foods in the larder, shoes, toys, bathroom products. The list is endless. The days of searching through cupboards for the pasta or chopped tomatoes are well and truly behind us!

3. Enhancing Your Space

A great space saving hack for your kitchen is to create additional space in your cupboards. This is done by adding shelves in your existing cupboards. You can essentially double, or triple, your shelf space immediately! They’re not just handy for the kitchen, they could be used in any room where you need a little extra surface space.

4. Declutter Your Bedside Table

Are you fed up with having a cluttered bedside table? Bed pockets are an easy way to ensure all your nighttime essentials are close by but out of sight. The Stackers bed pockets have a number of different compartments and easily slip under your mattress. Perfect for keeping your phone and bedtime reading organised, plus no more loosing the remote control.

5. Hanging Storage

Another great organisational idea that is also a serious space saver in the home is hanging storage. It’s all about maximising your space, utilising a space that would otherwise be missed! Back of the door storage is a must have. Ideal for kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms. You may have already seen our jewellery wrap that not only rolls up neatly for travelling but can also hang on the back of a door if you're short on space but have a large jewellery collection.

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