4 Stress-busting tips for hosting this Bank Holiday

With the Bank Holiday weekend fast approaching we thought it was the perfect time to talk about stress-free hosting! Yes, it really is a thing! If the thought of hosting sends you in to a cold sweat, you’re not alone. Many people find being the host extremely stressful with other people’s enjoyment weighing heavily on their shoulders. But good news, there are a few simple things that can be done to ease the pressure of hosting this Bank Holiday.

1. Prepare, prepare & prepare

Preparing as much of the food and drink in advance can ease the stress massively. Whether you’re opting for a BBQ, a sit-down meal or a buffet, you’ll find a lot of the food can be made in advance and either frozen or stored in the fridge until it’s needed. If you’re having a BBQ this Bank Holiday (let’s all do a sun dance) then you can start preparing the meat the day before by leaving it to marinate overnight. Also, salads can be prepared in advance by chopping all the ingredients and then simply adding the dressing before serving. Here's some of our favourite salad recipes that are also super easy. There is also nothing wrong with asking guests to bring a dish too, whether it’s a side dish or a dessert. Getting as much done before guests arrive will enable you to spend more time with them and enjoy the party yourself.

2. Master the art of a quick clean-up

Hopefully if you’ve been following our Spring-cleaning blogs you’ll be on top of your cleaning. But if not, don’t panic you don’t need to spend time on a full-on clean, you’ll have enough to do with preparing the food and drinks. Instead focus on the areas that will definitely be in use, for example there’s no point on spending loads of time cleaning the spare room if no one will be using it. The core areas will most likely be the kitchen, dining room and if weather permits, the garden.

3. Set the table in advance

It doesn’t have to be anything spectacular but setting the table in advance means one more thing to tick off the list, and who doesn’t love ticking off lists! It could be something as simple as setting out the cutlery and glasses and finished with some lovely flowers. If you’re having a buffet or BBQ it’ll take even less time, just set everything out for your guests to help themselves.

4. Cover all bases

One thing that could cause you stress on the day is if you haven’t catered for dietary requirements or non-drinkers. To avoid unnecessary panic, make sure you’ve included a couple of vegetarian options just in case as well as stocking up on soft drinks for the designated drivers, children or those that don’t drink. Top tip: Use drinks dispensers so you're not having to constantly top up people's glasses!

Are you hosting this weekend? Let us know what you plan to do to make the most of the Bank Holiday Weekend over on Instagram. We wish you all a happy, stress-free Bank Holiday Weekend, whatever you get up to!