4 quick tips for a pain free back to school

4 quick tips for a pain free back to school

Unbelievably back-to-school season is upon us once again. It can be a chaotic stressful time to say the least, especially if we’re not prepared for it. Long, busy summers can make getting back into the swing of school routines difficult. The families schedule went out the window on day 3 of the break and the calendar hasn’t been updated since week 1. So how can we all get a little more organised and make back to school as seamless as possible?

1. First things first, school uniform. Making sure you separate all the clothes that no longer fit before the start of the new term will save any unnecessary confusion. Donate them to a local charity shop or hand them down to families with younger children. Getting this task out the way will also give you time to get on with the labelling of the clothes. Here’s an easy, quick alternative, Snappy Tags, to stitching what feels like hundreds of names labels into shirts. These names tags can also be used on school bags and backpacks.

2. Tackling the school lunch. It is tempting to leave the school lunches to the last minute and then quickly rush around 5 minutes before you need to be out the door but prepping school lunches in advance will save you time, and stress. Stocking up now on reusable containers, labels and easy recipes will give you a head start and keep your cupboards organised.

3. Streamline the morning routine. Perhaps the most dreaded part of back to school, early mornings with tired kids… Keep mornings on track with an organised bathroom. Ensuring everything you need such as hairs bands and brushes are within easy reach and making sure you put them back afterwards so there’s no chance of any stray clips.

4. This is one for the uber busy families! After school clubs, meetings, dinner with the in-laws, there always seems to be a million and one things going on. Apps such as COZI app can help you stay on top of your family’s schedules allowing you to know exactly what’s going on and when. You can even colour-code it – sign us up! Additional functions such as reminders and shopping lists make this app an absolute dream for busy families. Or if you prefer physical reminders then why not download our pretty weekly organiser (see below). They can be used for daily reminders, chores or important notes. Organisers make it easy for everyone to see what needs doing and when. Top tip: Frame these printables and then you can write on the glass and change it weekly (saves unnecessary printing too).

What are your top tips for staying organised (and sane) this back to school? Why not download our pretty family organiser and stay on top of back to school.