3 Ways to get organised for Christmas early

3 Ways to get organised for Christmas early

As you all may be aware, we like organisation, just a little bit, but we love Christmas almost just as much!

October seems to have come and gone in a flash, we’re sure the festive period is getting earlier and earlier each year! We realise this time of year is super busy, whether it’s at work, preparing for Christmas, gift shopping, prepping the house or all that festive socialising we like to do this time of year, there is a lot to get organise!

The sooner we start organising for Christmas, the smoother December will be. Christmas is a time to enjoy with our families so making sure we have time to do that, stress-free, is so important. Here’s 3 things we like to get organised early, is there really such a thing as too early when it comes to Christmas anyway?

List writing!

One of our favourite pastimes. A good list can sort anything out, including the stresses and demands of Christmas. Whether you opt for a digital one or a good old-fashioned pen and paper, make sure you start your lists now! Who do you have to buy for and any initial gift ideas, budgets for each person, who you need to send cards to, who’s coming for Christmas lunch, what you’re going to cook this year… we could go on! There are plenty of apps out there to help with your organisation, however there’s something we just love about a nice notepad and pen.


A huge benefit to being organised early is saving money. By planning ahead you’ll be able to budget better and also not waste money on panic buys. Before you start doing the fun bit though and shopping, you need to work out how much you can afford realistically over the festive period. Work out what you can comfortably spend and try to stick to it. This doesn’t only include gift giving however, you’ll need to budget for festive food, Christmas parties and the additional electricity costs from competing with your neighbours lights of course… We’ve found apps such as Money Dashboard a great way to keep track of our spending.

Busy social calendar

Once November hits, dates start to get booked up. There are school plays to attend, festive drinks, work do’s and family members to see. Not forgetting important dates such as when the kids break up from school, ordering the turkey, buying the Christmas tree and picking up the Christmas food shop to remember! If you do have cards and gifts to posts you’ll also need to be super organised with this and check with the post office for Christmas delivery dates, especially if you need to send gifts to loved ones abroad. Whenever anything pops up write it in the calendar early so there’s no chance of forgetting anything, the more organised you are now, the better it will be then.

We want you all to have a wonderful, stress free Christmas. The more things we do to get ready for Christmas early, the more we can simply enjoy Christmas when it is here. Are there certain things you do early to ensure you're ready for Christmas? Let us know over on Instagram.